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Marco is a highly qualified  massage therapist and has developed his own style of massage he calls Soul in Touch. Today he offers highly quality massage in Tenerife and supports to heal not just the physical, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. To read the whole story about Marco please click here.


Everything started in 2012 with the self healing process of Thai Yoga Massage in the magical LAHU Village (Chiang Mai, Thailand). Marco’s first Teacher, Itzhak Helman, part of the lineage of Asokananda, introduced him to an healing art, which goes beyond the physical. His passion leaded him to study further with Pichest and Arno L’Hermitte, at the Thai Massage Circus, where he is also part of the teaching team today. Eventually he moved to San Diego (CA), where he studied for 3 years Bodywork, Yoga & Qi Gong, which has all influenced his style of massage in Tenerife he practices today. Marco decided to travel less, offering today table and mat massages in Tenerife as well as Massage Trainings.

Marco is a highly qualified Therapist, who has developed his own style of Healing therapy called Soul in Touch


Marco’s unique style toilers every session to each individual needs and nourishes body, mind & soul. Soul in Touch gives you a feeling of deep relaxation and  empowerment at the same time and let you explore deep pathways of your subconscious. Marco guides you to a space where you can heal, let go and just be.

  • Calming the CNS (Central Nervous System)
  • Releasing physical and emotional pain
  • Disconnecting of the hustle world
  • Enhancing the process of cell rejuvenation
  • Increasing Joint Mobility / Flexibility
  • 'Letting Go' of Control
  • Balancing Yin/Yang energies
  • Seeing the world from a different angle

Massage Rates & Quality AssuRance

Canary Resident Discount - Only 50 EURO

Are you Canary Resident? Then your Massage with Marco will be ONLY 50 Euro/hour. This includes initial assessment, consultations and further action plans. In total calculate 75 min for your first session. Further sessions can be purchased in packages (see below). If you are a Non resident the regular price is 60 Euro/hour, 90 Euro/90min (75 Euro/90 min for canary residents) & 120 Euro/120min (100 Euro/120min for canary residents). 

Home visits can be realized depending where you are located for an extra fee of 10-20 Euro.

Quality Assurance

Marco likes to deliver quality giving his full presence for each individual. Therefore he commits to not book more than three treatments per day, in order to increase awareness and presence throughout the treatment. Presence & Awareness is the highest good of a therapist!!!

220 Euro

Package of 4 x 60 min massage
  • Relax Body, Mind & Soul
  • Exercise suggestions
  • Save 5 Euro / Massage
  • Valid for 1 month from the 1st Massage

320 Euro

Package of 4 x 90 min Massage
  • Relax Body, Mind & Soul
  • Exercise suggestions
  • Save 10 Euro / Massage
  • Valid for 1 month from the 1st Massage

420 euro

package of 4 x 120 min massage
  • Relax Body, Mind & Soul
  • Exercise suggestions
  • Save 15 Euro / Massage
  • Valid for 1 month from the 1st Massage

What People Say About Me

I’m myself a Physio Therapist and can knowledgeably say, that Marco’s treatments are with the best I have experienced so far. His unique style and care, gives me a feeling of being held, supported and understood in my healing process and is a gentle yet deep way of treating humans on many layers. I can highly recommend him as a therapist. 

Physio Therapist

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  • Calle Marina 4,
    38687 Playa San Juan, Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • info@marcobartolomeo.com
  • +34 610 873 508

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